When I talk about the possibility of leaving the earth better than I found it, I find myself eventually in front of a choice. Do I take the risk to do something different, and what is the cost if I don’t ? Take a look and give me some feedback in the comments section.

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  1. Craig Brant
    Craig Brant says:

    I watched all but the last 20 minutes of this this AM (time to get to work now). This was great – thanks Mark and thanks to the Ontario AOM team who pulled this talk series together and also thanks to everyone who came out to all the Ontario talks (and AOM last year).

    It is really powerful to think about many of the things that you describe here – this talk lays a really nice “pathway” for what is possible if a group of folks (adults) set out to create something really amazing for the younger ones! My favorite part(s) – “our sacred question – (how to create regenerative nature-based culture)” Also, the dedication to the young ones in our community (I have been meeting many lately including our own little daughter) – what can we do here to make it really great for them? Thanks again,

  2. Amy Beam
    Amy Beam says:

    Great talk! Nice to hear some old stories again and a real pleasure to listen to the new ones! Funny how the film makes Mark’s eyes look brown!

  3. Jeannine
    Jeannine says:

    Hi Mark,

    What a great talk you gave in Peterborough,Ontario. I thought the way that you summarized extended family apotion was spoken about well. You stated that by modeling it the child will grow into it in the future.

  4. Christopher O'Connell
    Christopher O'Connell says:

    Thanks for the talk, Mark. I really got a very strong response when you described the process of community mentoring (“are the ramps 6 inches high yet” and “I haven’t had ramp soup in 30 years”) and how that would impact the development of the community and that child within the community. How very beautiful! I look forward to understanding more of your wisdom as I deepen my own journey. I pray to spirit for your continued health and happiness…Take Care!


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