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Maise’s Rite of Competence

The morning was rainy, but as the guests began to arrive, the sun came out. Maise was very excited. She was donning a skirt she had made for the occasion, along with a headdress her auntie had made. We had set up a fire circle with a threshold…
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Lilliana’s Rite of Competence

Greetings everyone, Last year my family attended Art of Mentoring and it was a very transformative experience.  One of the most touching moments was the ceremony that was held to send off and receive the teens on their 3 day trip to the…
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Jasper’s Rite of Competence Ceremony

Hi all, I wanted to share the story of Jasper’s ceremony last weekend with those of you who couldn’t make it. It was a really fun day.  Jasper greeted everyone by putting animal cards on their backs for a guessing game. We gathered…