Extended Family Adoption and the Future Generations

  Since 1996, I've been mentoring youth, including this young man to my left, Luka Negoita. Occasionally I get to know the family, deeper bonds form, sometime rites of passage are facilitated and what develops is an adoption…

Ontario talk #2: Royal Botanical Garden, Burlington

Tonight we went to the Royal Botanical Garden in Burlington and 50 people showed up. Each night the staff open up with a song called "Go Outside".  Chris Gilmore of  Earth Mentorship, opened up with a story about a red fox that would…

The value of heroes and role models

Lucia and I met Natalie McMaster after a concert in Keene, NH last year.  We have been listening to Natalie's fiddle music for two years prior to the concert and Lucia has begun fiddle lessons since meeting her.