teens and screens


There is an alarming amount of evidence pointing at what we already know is true, that children are spending too much time on screens indoors and missing out on healthy developmental outdoor play and adventure.

But what to do about it that is effective?

Excessive use of technology by children and teens–as much as 8 hours per day–is taking its toll on youth, families, and whole communities.

Connection–not isolation–is what youth need most, and this is becoming a lost art and community practice. And it’s not just teens that complain about isolation and need human/nature connection. According to recent research, adults and children are reporting this in record numbers, too.


We will share:

A whole systems cultural approach for families to connect to self, others and nature
Strategies for parents that build children and teens capacity for real-time connection
How nature connection can cultivate leadership skills, resilience and grit
How the Wild Nature Project is working to address these top difficulties facing families today.


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