here is a talk I gave last night in Athens Georgia. My good friend and adopted younger brother, Evan McGown has begun a Nature Community project called Institute for Wild Intelligence. This talk has a strong theme of what does it take to have resilient community and what does deep nature connection have to do with it.

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  1. Jenny DeRevere
    Jenny DeRevere says:

    Such an inspirational and inspiring evening! Thank you, Mark for sharing your amazingly insightful perspective with us! Blessings for your journey!

  2. Megan Baer
    Megan Baer says:

    Hi Mark!

    It was such a treat to connect with your dynamic spirit, if only briefly! I was refreshed and encouraged by your passion and integrity. Thanks for being willing to be a great man. You set a high standard for human behavior and offer your life as a road map for others in a really nice way!

    I look forward to your next visit to Athens, GA!! You will definitely need a larger auditorium….

    ~Megan Baer

  3. Piers D
    Piers D says:

    Hey Mark,
    I came across your blog indirectly via the good PINE folks over here in Ontario. Thank you for such an inspiring talk that delved into so many of the areas that we can make a huge qualitative difference in the life of our children and the generations to come. On a personal level, I strongly admire the openness and emotional honesty that you share in service to the highest good. If that isn’t a powerful place from which to be an example for our kids, I don’t know what is.

    Best wishes and gratitude to you and your community


    • Mark Morey
      Mark Morey says:

      I have just one life to live Piers, this is it. I am in with both feet ! Will I see you at any of the talks coming up ? it would be fun to say hi.


  4. Piers D
    Piers D says:

    Absolutely! Looking forward to it. I just registered for the Peterborough event (we’re in the forests about an hour North). We’re very curious about the workshops, too. There’s just the logistics of caring for our 15 month old daughter. She’s rather attached to Mom at this point in time, who in turn can my help, herself. Still, if we can pull off a 22 hour flight to visit family in Australia, how hard can a day in Huntsville be? 🙂

    On another note, could you use a volunteer to film one of the evening talks? I really appreciated the video above, as it was the first time I’d heard you speak. We have a nature/media project in progress, for which we’d love to interview you, but regardless, I’m already coming, I have the HD studio equipment sitting around and would be happy to volunteer, if a high-def recording would be useful to you.


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