Since 1996, I’ve been mentoring youth, including this young man to my left, Luka Negoita.

Occasionally I get to know the family, deeper bonds form, sometime rites of passage are facilitated

and what develops is an adoption of kin, of extended family.  Luka is my nephew in this way.  He spent

many day and weeks in mentoring environments over the years: Coyote Camp, Art of Mentoring, Boys Sacred Fire Initiation, to name a few.  Deep Nature Connection has been a core theme in these mentoring environments.  Luka has gone on to graduate from the College of the Atlantic in Human Ecology, and in his own words: ” I enjoy studying the human ecology of plants. My interests include: Botany, Drawing, Photography, Gardening, Alternative Energy, Natural History, Rock Climbing, Wilderness Survival Skills, Ecological Awareness, and Teaching.”

He now has an epic project that he is deeply passionate about, reclaiming the old ways before they are gone. Way to go Luka !

I am deeply thankful for the next generation !

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Luka’s Kickstarter fundraising video for his trip to Romania to preserve the Old Ways

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  1. stefanie
    stefanie says:

    This is great!! I had dreamed of doing this.i would love to hear the stories you come back with.I have a few stories too .Eventhough i was born and raised here,most of my family is from Romania.While growing up i was told alot”this is how we did it in the old country”.Im greatful for those teachings and still realizing more and more how they made sence,and how it was permaculture. Have a wonderful time!! stefanie

  2. Tahirah AbuBakr
    Tahirah AbuBakr says:

    With gratitude, I so appreciate my three year connection with the art of mentoring. Over these years I am more and more convented that all true healing begin with our connection to nature. I have learn to be more mindful of my teaching and place in the culture. There is such a disconnect from, what I now come know as Elder wisdom, not just being and older person make one and elder. When I wistness the work, visions and the creative aspiration you who are doing healing through nature connection, I am indeed assured of the return of elder wisdom. With acknowledgemen and appreciation.
    Tahirah AbuBakr


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