“Now here’s a sad song for ya, it brings a tear to me glass eye”  quips Uncle Gerry,

“It’s so sad even the cross-eyed had tears runnin’ down the back o’ their necks…”

Gerry Brady is a trick a minute.  “I’m the only leprechaun in captivity” .

There’s a lot to be said about the joy this man brought to myself and the UK Art of Mentoring.

But one moment in particular has meant a lot to me.  I was giving him the lay of the land about

how Nature is the source of Culture.  That our mission is to regenerate resilient culture again by

immersing the people in nature, mentoring them to connect to the depths.  He got it.

I told him that I personally wanted to see the artists, musicians and visionaries celebrated and in the

center of culture again.  He said, “You have to learn this song, Come by the Hills”.

He sang it to me, taught me the chords and blessed me with this gift to take home with me as a poetic

expression of the power of my mission.  A beautiful elder moment.

Well Gerry, I learned it.  And I shared it with Maine Fiddle Camp this summer, a music culture camp,

regenerating new england musicians.  It was a fitting message for them.  Take a look:

(Come by the Hills: words by William Gordon Smith, to the tune of “Boys of Ireland
(Musicians: Left to Right, Owen Marshall, Ellen Gawler, Mark Morey, Molly Gawler)
(Filmed by: Lucia Rose Morey, 10 )

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