“…There’s a lot of work to do, so I created this project called “We are Nature Rising,” where we connect and bond with nature as a part of who we are. This is what Joanna Macy says, that it’s not more information that we need. It’s about identity. Do I identify as nature? Do I identify as friend, as relationship, as relative? Who do you end up showing up for your whole life? You end up showing up for your blood family, even if you are challenged by them. You go to all the funerals, you go to the weddings, you go to the graduations. Why do you keep showing up? It’s because they’re relatives. They’re blood family. Even if you don’t do it well. Even if there’s lots of dysfunction, that should tell you something.

What if nature was like that? What if you had blood bonds with nature from infancy? And what are the 100 ways that you could do that? How would you demonstrate the respect and reciprocity over time, really show up?”

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