Green Street School Nature Day

On November 4, Mark Morey and staff from Coyote's Path Youth Program took Laura White's 4th grade class from the Green Street School to the Putney Central School Forest.  We had a day of fun, adventure, storytelling, challenges, and nature…

How to follow me on Twitter?

For those of you wondering how easy it can be, watch this 2 min movie I made. That way you can follow my nature updates via Twitter, a micro blog. more about "How to follow me on Twitter ?", posted with vodpod

Cultural Lessons from Austria

Just back from a 10-day trip to Austria with my nephew Aji Palar. I taught two workshops with Jon Young, a weekend on Peacemaking and week on Cultural Mentoring, with an emphasis on family. We told the story of our travels and the teachings we experienced with our community upon our return - with photos, videos, and Austrian food!





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