teens and screens
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How to Effectively Parent children in an age of Technology Addiction

FREE WEBINAR There is an alarming amount of evidence pointing at what we already know is true, that children are spending too much time on screens indoors and missing out on healthy developmental outdoor play and adventure. But what to do…

They live off nothin

We were impressed by the beauty growing out of the stone, and she stopped and said " beautiful aren't they? And they live off of nothin. And if you try to plant them they won't grow. You just have to let them come"


This is a picture of an old old fiddle that hasn't been opened in 21 years, since the elder died. They decided to open it the night we were there.

Reflections from Ireland

This is how you get emails automatically into your inbox whenever I post a new blog post from Ireland. The trip has been amazing already and its only been a few days. My intention is to reconnect my family lineage, both upstream and downstream…
teens and screens
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Connecting Teens for a Thriving Future

This talk I give is addressing the use of technology and correlating isolation and addiction rising both in teens and adults. Connecting Teens for a Thriving Future Excessive use of technology by teens–as much as 8 hours per day–is…
Boys Crisis
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Boys and the Crisis of Connection

Recently I led a call about teens and screens called: Connecting teens for a Thriving Future, Addressing technology, isolation, and addiction.  (Listen in here) Connection or lack of connection continues to be a systemic issue that is arising…
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Expanding our Worldview of Nature Education: An Imperative for Our Times

Keynote Speaker, 2017 NYSOEA Annual Conference This year’s conference theme was “Watershed Moments: Connecting to Our Natural World”. What is a watershed moment? After a bit of research, I determined that it is the moment where the…
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Podcast! Part Two Mark Interviewed by Chris Martenson

"...There’s a lot of work to do, so I created this project called “We are Nature Rising,” where we connect and bond with nature as a part of who we are. This is what Joanna Macy says, that it’s not more information that we need. It’s…