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Ontario talk #3: The Nature Center at RBG

Today started at the nature center at the Royal Botanical Garden. We had 39 people register for our day long workshop.  The morning was about Brain Patterning and the Core Routines of nature connection.  The afternoon was an experiential session outside. Right off the bat a young woman came up to me with and told […]

Ontario talk #2: Royal Botanical Garden, Burlington

Tonight we went to the Royal Botanical Garden in Burlington and 50 people showed up. Each night the staff open up with a song called “Go Outside“.  Chris Gilmore of  Earth Mentorship, opened up with a story about a red fox that would show up at his high school weekend bonfires.  The amazing thing was […]

Ontario talk #1: London

Here I am in London, Ontario.  There are 45 people at this talk and hungry for something, I can sense it.  Could be hockey.  They like their Junior Hockey. Three months ago I was approached by Andrew McMartin, founder of the Pine Project, (Toronto).  He asked if it would be possible to run an Art […]

Story of the Day – Part One: Elder Blessing

Traveling to Austria for the first time triggered teachings I learned from Paul Raphael, Odawa Peacemaker.  He told me that before he traveled he would visit with his elders and tell them about the trip he was going on and the intention behind it.  He would ask for their blessing and prayers for his journey.  […]

Wily Coyote meets 75 mph Automobile

I was sent this story today by email, and had to post it.  Unbelievable, except…that it’s Coyote. Meet the wiliest of all coyotes: Hit by a car at 75mph, embedded in the fender, road for 600 miles – and SURVIVED! When a brother and sister struck a coyote at 75mph they assumed they had killed […]

The Green Rag

After the Vermont Art of Mentoring, some close friends stopped by to stay the night.  There were three families total including mine.  The teenagers slept, recovering from all-night adventures at the Teen Rendezvous.  The younger children played in and out of the house, climbing trees, drive-by snacking.  The adults sat contentedly around the kitchen table […]