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The White Horse Bridge from UK to Canada AoM

Writing our own songs from the land, this is the high bar. This song was written in the UK during the first UK Art of Mentoring, July 2010 and performed by the first Ontario Art of Mentoring, August 2010. White Horse Bridge This is the land of the long setting sun connecting my people as […]

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Come by the Hills: from Ireland to Maine

“Now here’s a sad song for ya, it brings a tear to me glass eye”  quips Uncle Gerry, “It’s so sad even the cross-eyed had tears runnin’ down the back o’ their necks…” Gerry Brady is a trick a minute.  “I’m the only leprechaun in captivity” . There’s a lot to be said about the […]

Writing our own Songs

One of the keys to healthy culture is the creation of song, poem and story that reflects our values, dreams and visions. As a cultural creative I have looked to other cultures to get a clue about authentic songs and stories. Songs written from the land, songs with power. Until recently this was a pattern […]

Greeting Customs

I’m in th UK tonight in a 500 year old Manor Cottage.  Thatched roof, the whole deal. I arrived with Evan McGown to Heathrow airport.  We’re here for the first UK art of mentoring. We learned a song, after an official cup of tea, called Raggle Taggle Gypsy O ! The scene of English Gardens, […]

Circles and Squares

Back in Toronto. Last night I gave a three hour talk at the Royal Botanical Garden. It started with the awareness question of  “Notice all the squares in the room, anything that is a square or rectangle.”  Then another question: ” Notice all the circles in the room”.   Once asked, the shapes came into our […]