Rocket Stove Maple Syrup Boiler ! (Slideshow)

by markmorey on February 17, 2013

Over the many years of boiling sap in a home made backyard evaporator, I would often think about all that heat coming out

of the top of the stack after it rushed under my pan.  A LOT of heat !  Then I learned about an amazing heat storage device,

called a Rocket Stove Mass Heater.  It’s twice over awesome.  On the one hand it’s super efficient at combusting fuel.  And on the

other it stores all the heat in a very large mass of clay and stone, slowly emitting it back into the house over time.  See photos and diagram below…

With some consulting from my friends Erica and Ernie, I incorporated this design into my maple syrup operation.  What that does for me is on very little wood

I create an inferno underneath my pan from that rocket stack inside the barrel.  Then the heat comes down the inside of the 55 gal barrel out the exhaust pipe,

wraps around the inside of my maple syrup shack, heating me and my future cob bench !

The Slideshow above shows how I put it together with reused materials from my local ReNew center.  Sealing all the joints and gaps was done with a clay, sand and straw mixture, all locally obtained for free !  The Perlite is non combustable insulation.  This insulates the heat chamber, keeping the temperature up.  The 4 ft heat riser is also insulated.

Well ?  what do you think ?

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To a Resilient future !

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