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What do you believe in ?

Hi Mark,
This week has been very hard.  I am beside myself after the results of Tuesday.  Coming to work has felt very challenging… my mind is blank…
The thought of our country being run by this hateful man makes me feel sad and, ultimately, unsafe. Wish I had better news for this check-in, but I don’t  :-/
That said, it is in these moments that I feel grateful to have grounded, spiritual, compassionate people in my life — like yourself.
Be well,
C. M.
Marketing Director
This is going to cause us to dig deep.  There is an elder teaching:  “the greater the need, the greater the result”
comfort rarely serves us in our development.  this is the sand, the grit, that shapes our character.
give yourself a moment to journal from the voice that is passionate about what life is for, what life is about, what you believe is right and what you want to see in the world,
dont edit, dont shy back from expression, just write and feel everything as you flow.
give it 20 minutes.
then pause and sit quiet.  breathe.
then reflect.
tell me what happens.
I believe in you.
Hi Mark,  Thank you for this.  Circling back to share the experience.
I did this exercise when I got home on Friday, when I was able to be alone and in quiet… wow, it was powerful.
Thoughts about the beauty of nature, my loving family, my health, and art/expression all made me feel deeply at peace.  I felt a weight lift off my shoulders, and my body was completely relaxed, lying on the rug in my living room.  After I stopped writing,  I felt so relieved that I nearly fell asleep!
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