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Resilient Children Part 2

When accused of getting her pink outfit all dirty when she was young, my daughter promptly corrected her by saying “I’m not dirty, I’m all covered in Fun!” Like I shared in Resilient Children Part 1, creative problem solving in response to the unknown is one of the great gifts of spending time in nature […]

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Resilient Children (Part One)

Okay I could tell stories about this all day. For example, yesterday I was picking my daughter up from an afterschool sport, cross country running. The teacher had that close call look on her face, and as a parent of a woodsy girl, I expected an interesting story.   My daughter isn’t your usual athlete […]

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Maple Syrup: Making Sweet Connections

It’s that time of year again.  The breeze is moist, the cardinals singing, and the snow is like mash potatoes.  I love the seasonal ritual.  It’s a real rut-breaker.  It’s not based on the clock or date on my calender.  To catch the Maple Sap running up the tree, one has to pay attention.  That’s […]

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3 High Leverage Strategies for Increasing Resilience

  I’ve been looking into how being connected to nature increases resilience. And by resilience I mean: re·sil·ience (n.) 1. The ability to recover quickly from illness, change, or misfortune; buoyancy I think it’s pretty obvious, reading the daily news, that there are some changes afoot to our economy, weather and energy sources. The question […]

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Sukkot on the Farm

I had a chance to be part of a creative return to earth based wisdom in Judaism last week. Wilderness Torah, who’s mission is to Awaken and celebrate the earth-based traditions of Judaism to nourish the connections between self, community, earth, and Spirit, invited me to consult as a Cultural Mentor. The process of Culture […]